Our Annual Sponsors


   Marathon Consulting is a locally owned Information Technology consulting services firm specializing in serving mid-tier businesses, non-profit organizations, and local governments in the mid-Atlantic region. Marathon offers a wide range of Information Technology consulting services, utilizing proven IT and management methodologies to achieve world-class results.


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Why sponsor?

In today’s economy, budgets have been cut in almost every area, including marketing dollars. In broadcast advertising, your target market is bombarded every day with messages of new and improved products and services. Traditional ads that shout buzz words about how different they are from their competition or why someone should buy something have lost their impact and are likely a waste of money!

Your investment in a continuing association and/or a particular chapter event opens several economical opportunities to:

  1. Create, Develop and Enhance Credibility
  2. Conduct Highly Targeted Marketing
  3. Leverage and Amplify Lead Generation
  4. Associate with Positive Media Exposure
  5. Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition
  6. Generate NEW Sales and Form NEW Business Partnerships
  7. Get Involved with your Community and Give Back
  8. Gain Honest Feedback on Samples or Trial Offers
  9. Extend your Reach via PMIHR Distribution Channels
  10. Recruit highly energized professionals actively honing their job skills

To discuss partnering opportunities with PMIHR, please contact [email protected].