Letter from the President

My Fellow PMI Hampton Roads Chapter Members,

Welcome to PMIHR 2020!

This year will prove to be a very exciting one for our chapter. Half of the 2020 Board are new office holders and they bring a very high level of enthusiasm, dedication, and a commitment to the Chapter.

We will endeavor to build on the excellent foundation Outgoing President René Rosenberg has created. Under her leadership, we made great strides in adding value to the chapter and placing inclusion of all past, current, and future members at the top of her task list. But there is much still to be done. Having been involved in this Chapter for over a decade, I can tell you that the incoming 2020 Board is talented, engaged, and ready to get to work!

With the infusion of ‘new blood’ to the Board, the voicing of new ideas and processes has already begun. Here are a few of our areas of concentration this year:· Updating and enhancing the PMIHR.ORG website

  • Alternating monthly chapter meetings between the Southside and the Peninsula
  • Expanding the use of monthly ‘meet and greets’
  • Offering two (2) PMI certified PMP Boot Camps with flexible scheduling to accommodate work schedules
  • Creating and promoting PMIHR job fairs on Southside and Peninsula to aid our members in their job search
  • Holding the first Annual PM Jeopardy Chapter Championship
  • Mentoring of local Colleges and Universities on offering PMIHR and PMI Global courses and services
  • Increasing Board/Member communication by utilizing more round table discussions
  • Implementing new PDC format by offering the next day breakout sessions for half and full day workshops following the PDC
  • Decreasing response time to suggestions by chapter membership
  • Increasing corporate participation in the Registered Company Coordinator program
  • Increasing chapter meeting attendance from 6% to 10%
  • Delivering topical speakers that will provide immediately usable information, tips, and suggestions

Your Board members also have individual lists of goals and targets. They are currently developing business models to help pave the way for their success.

As you have undoubtably heard in the past, this Chapter is only as successful as the participation of the membership. Never has that been more true than this year. I call on all PMIHR members to look at the Board as assets and tools for your use to raise the level of value we all want for our chapter.

We, the Board, stand ready to respond to your questions, concerns, suggestions, and needs. As we build on the 2019 legacy, we ask your help in any form or fashion you can provide, whether it be in attending chapter functions, volunteering to help the chapter, or just offering suggestions.

Jerry Foley
PMI Hampton Roads Chapter
[email protected]