Letter from the President

September 17, 2020

My Fellow PMI Hampton Roads Chapter Members,

We hope that all of you are staying safe and sound. Very strange times indeed. New to all of us.

Just a note to you to let you in on the great things happening behind the scenes.


That is right – we have started the process of cleaning up our entire website’s content. After the cleanup is done, we will have a new overlay for the entire site. The changes we are making at aimed at correcting many of the issues you have asked us to fix. The new site will be more streamlined and easier for you to find value there. The new website will allow us to more easily edit and change content on the fly so we will be able to keep PMIHR.ORG up-to-date and relevant.

Rene’ Rosenberg, Past President, has taken on this task in her usual go get’em attitude. She has assembled a lean mean team to assist. We expect to roll out the new site by the end of October 2020!!

You will be noticing some visual changes as we work towards the October 31 unveiling.


We are in the nominating process of the election cycle. Open offices are:


  • Teambuilding, strong leader, wise – applies experience, inspirational, has a vision, strong listening skills, charismatic, embraces responsibility, encourages and empowers others to make decisions in the best interest of the chapter, organized, a strategic thinker
  • NOTE: Must have served on the Board for at least one full term in another role 

VP Local Communities

  • Maintain a communications schedule that details all chapter communications across all local PMI HR channels
  • Help build and maintain PMIHR local chapter and university presence
  • Perform and uphold duties, as specified by the chapter by-laws, board policies and procedures.
  • Community-oriented (educational colleges and K-12), corporate relationship to communicate and educate the value of PM, work with Marketing, has business acumen, has sales skills. 
  • Negotiate with service vendors to deliver the best value for the chapter programs

VP Marketing

  • Good communicator. Works well with President and other Board Members, understands chapter marketing and logistical needs
  • Can work with vendors. Is a good negotiator
  • Detail-oriented, able to follow through
  • Can use and maintain Chapter systems – VRMS, SharePoint, others 
  • Cultivate and maintain Chapter Sponsors; provide monthly reporting to board, membership and sponsors.

VP Programs

  • Maintain a speaker’ schedule and details related to chapter meetings
  • Perform and uphold duties, as specified by the chapter by-laws, board policies and procedures.
  • Balance the need for timely communication with the goal to keep communication concise, timely and appropriate.
  • Delivery of programs relating to project management for each scheduled Chapter meeting and on an ad hoc basis as requested by the
  • Enjoys speaking in the large groups (>100, and more) 

VP Registered Company Coordinators

  • Enjoy collaborating with other volunteers to organize, plan, and deliver educational programs
  • Develop plans for and coordinate the chapter’s external educational activities, such as study groups, seminars, workshops, courses, professional development days and other educational activities
  • Manage chapter-created credential examination review courses and other such courses
  • Provide information to members and nonmembers on career development
  • Provide information and guidance to members and nonmembers on certification/re-certification in the context of PMI

VP Special Projects

  • Responsible for short-term and long­ term initiatives and projects as assigned by the
  • In particular, this person will administer the annual Professional Development Conference (PDC).
  • Is a strong team communicator, has a long and short-term vision, has strategy setting skills, has good business sense, is creative and artistic, is a good listener and translates requirements to visuals, is a good listener, has knowledge of media and its positive uses, is a team builder
  • Community oriented (educational colleges and K-12), corporate relationship to communicate and educate the value of PM, work with Marketing, has business acumen, has sales skills. 

Some dates to remember are:

October 15, 2020
Deadline for nomination submission to [email protected]

  1. Biography (50 words maximum) to be used, should the candidate win the election as the bio for the PMIHR website.
  2. Statement (50 words maximum) denoting the position under consideration and a brief description as to why the candidate wishes to hold the office.
  3. Photo (headshot).

October 21-November 20
Voting for new board

December 2, 2020
Announcement of new board members at December Chapter meeting


The proposed bylaws are now on the website. https://pmihr.org/Bylaws_ Please review as you will be receiving voting email in the very near future.


As you know, we are partnering this year with NC and SC for a large virtual PDD. Please register now as the space is limited and it is a great value for 11 PDUs at a price of $79.00 ($69.00 for vets).

For more information and to register, please go to https://web.cvent.com/event/b81a4694-84b6-4395-bb4a-0e64331af9c0/regProcessStep1?i=E6E075DD-174D-46A7-80F7-F875C323BDF8&tm=3G0l9wm7Zhnczt13hGZI76Ojq1_KOy-8jKGcnqgpg7A


Please check out the great coming events. Joyce Ann, Tamara, Kathy and all of the supporting staff have worked very hard to bring you the best possible virtual events. Events that are fun, informative, and inexpensive.

Coming up is a Happy Hour with a beer tasting and a New Member Virtual Happy Hour aimed at expressing out appreciation for all of our new members this year.

In closing, I would like to express my heart-felt appreciation for the work that this year’s board has given back to the membership. They have endured a near impossible task of keeping members engaged, satisfied, responsive, and appreciative in the face of this epidemic. The have weathered the bad times, rejoiced in the good times, and have forged forward in spite of it all. Thanks to them all!!!!

Stay Safe!!!

Jerry Foley
PMI Hampton Roads Chapter
[email protected]