Why I volunteer with PMI Hampton Roads

We all know how difficult it is to find free time...and the second we do locate an actual second, someone or something seems to grab it….and then it’s gone. But before you label me as just another time grabber, I would like to share why I volunteer with PMI Hampton Roads.

I became interested in project management, not because it was a career requirement nor did I even know anyone who was actually certified in project management but rather just Sunday night browsing on the internet. It wasn’t long before I found our local chapter; within a month or two, I slid anxiously into a meeting and not long after, registered for the chapter’s weekend bootcamp. The bootcamp was the first time I had actually seen the PMBOK, much less read it, but I was hooked.

Somehow, someway (Ken’s class was very helpful!), I passed the exam and volunteered for the chapter’s first upcoming Professional Development Day. I thought I would enjoy handing out brochures at the event, or running around assisting with errands. I started listening in to the weekly planning telephone call and soon volunteered to become part of the core team at the chapter’s inaugural event.

The chapter members I met were dedicated, professional, approachable and oh yeah….brilliant. As a director of business development and planning for an academic medical group…..I was totally out of my league academically! Certainly as a professional who believes in the importance of planning, I have always felt data gathering and risk assessment as essential pieces of planning but joining the PMP fold has solidified my commitment to all aspects of what it means to be a PMP.

That brings me back to why I volunteer with PMI Hampton Roads. I feel my road to the chapter may be slightly different from most, and that offers me the opportunity to sharpen my skills and meet folks who may never have crossed my path. Both are important to my personal and professional growth. PMI Hampton Roads members are from many different industries and businesses, but however we got here, the principles of project management cement us. Chapter membership calls us to communicate our project management commitment to our shareholders, both professional and personal. Volunteering with the chapter is way to share our time, talent, expertise and just as importantly, our voice.

Some of our volunteers have shared they volunteer as a way to stand out with an employer with lots of PMPs. Other volunteers are searching for new careers and volunteering is a perfect path to meet the right person at the right time. Why do you volunteer?


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  1. Mark Bowers

    Feb. 3, 2014

    Wow well said comment text!

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