PMI Past Meetings

October 2015 - A PM's Guide to Surviving A Data Breach
Download the slide deck from the October 2015 meeting by clicking here.

April 2015 - What the Dog Saw
Download the slide deck from the April 2015 meeting by clicking here.

May 2015 - PMIHR Meeting Slides
Download the slide deck from the May 2015 meeting by clicking here.

November 2014 - Guerilla Social Media Strategies
Download the slide deck from the November 2014 meeting by clicking here.


Professional Development Conference 2015

Click on the presentations below to view slide decks from presenters:

Sarina Acari-  PMO Mastery:  Six Essential Elements for Exceptional Performance

Laura Barnard-  Lessons Learned from Running a All- Volunteer PMO

Guy Burns-  Working With Different, Diverse, and Difficult People and 
Making Presentations That Stick

Laurie Diamond-  Going Vertical:  A Perspective of the Future of Leadership

Lisa DiTullio-  Mind Over Matter and 
Project Management from a Healthcare Perspective

Ken Halloway-  Project Management in a Multi- Environment

Steve Holcomb- Three Elements of Critical Chain

Bill LaMarsh-  Emotional Intelligence and Project Management

David Mantica-  Business Analyst:  Role or Skill

Joseph McMahon-  Change Is Hard:  Very Hard Work, PMs as Change Agents

Don Murdoch-  Data in the Diagram

David Offenkrantz-  Successful Organizational anStrategic Allignment

Anthony Reed-  Sell PM and Other Concepts to Executives and
                            Finding the I in Team:  Leadership Lessons from Some of the Toughest Marathons

William Rodenfels-  The Basics of EVMS 

Vaugnchette Rudisill-  It's More Than Skill, It's About Fit

Beth Sears-  What Does It Take to Ensure a Project is Finished on Time? and
                      Impression Management: How to Get the Respect and Position You Deserve

Heather Sunderlin-  Helping Your Average Performers